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Barefoot Witchery Attraction Oil


Attraction Oil can be used to attract to you whatever you desire to help attain your goals. Whether it is love, money, prosperity, a new job, material goods, you name it!  Do you need help with finances, getting out of debt, help finding a job or a companion?

My Attraction Oil can be used for attracting either love or prosperity and contains a lodestone and pyrite. Fragrance is allspice, white musk, cherry blossom, sweet pea, sandalwood, and much more.

This attraction oil will work well with other oils to complement and enhance their energy according to your goals. For example, if you are desiring to attract a mate, this would work well with Come To Me, or Follow Me Boy (or Girl), or Prosperity Oil to attract success and money. Using several oils that complement each other enhances the overall energy of your working.