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Barefoot Witchery Court Case Oil


Court Case is my own blend of fine herbs, roots, and essential oils and is based on the traditional Hoodoo formula. 

It is designed to support favorable factors relating to the processing and outcome of your case and to make others (prosecution, judge, jury, etc.)  involved more inclined to look upon you favorably and deem you trustworthy and honest.  Also to help you communicate effectively and with trust and truth enhancing herbs.  Also to boost your defense in regards to your legal representation.  And to help your process and case to be swiftly and satisfactorily resolved.

The oil has many uses, as well, such as dressing candles (brown for legal matters), dabbing a bit on any legal paperwork, wearing a drop or two when meeting with your attorney or other officials (especially a small amount on your hand before you shake hands), a drop or two in the laundry when you are washing your clothes you plan to wear to court or to meetings prior. 

Other formulas that would layer well with this oil are Convince, Law Stay Away, Commanding & Compelling, or Crown of Success.