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Barefoot Witchery Banish Evil Spirits Oil


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"Banish Evil Spirits Oil is for getting an unwanted spiritual presence out of your home.  If you feel like there's some negativity hanging around you or your home, or if you are feeling paranoid like you keep seeing something out of the corner of your eye, or feel like there's a heavy atmosphere or dark cloud over you or your home, then you may have an unwanted spirit in your home. In addition to figuring out how it got there and preventing it from happening again, you want to get rid of that presence, and fast!  Otherwise, it could wreak all kinds of havoc for you, such as things always seeming to go wrong, or severe depression and lethargy.  Use to anoint doors, windows, sage smudge sticks, add some to your bath water, and anoint candles to burn in your home.  This should be part of a major spiritual cleansing for you and your home, and would be excellent to use with Exorcism blends, Purification blends, as well as other cleansing and smudging products."