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Barefoot Witchery Chuparrosa Oil


"Attract sincere and lasting love by calling on the spirit of the hummingbird.  This oil can be used for blessings of love and fertility.  It is sometimes also called Hummingbird Oil, because in Spanish, chuparrosa translates as "hummingbird." and is also the name for the divine hummingbird spirit who is honored in Curanderismo, which is Mexican folk magic.  This oil can be used on pink candles to draw a sincere and lasting love to you, or most commonly is used to enhance an existing relationship with truth, sincerity, loyalty, communication, and sweetness.  This would be an excellent oil to use with oher oils such as my own formula called Sincerity (for forgiveness, communication, honesty, truth, and apology), as well as Reconciliation, and Marriage Repair.  Even if your relationship isn't in trouble, these formulas, along with Chuparrossa, can bring out the sweetness and enhance the positive aspects of your relationship."