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Blue Kyanite Gold/Silver Plated Earrings


The stone’s perceived ability to aid in both spiritual and physical communication may also alleviate physical stresses within yourself. It is easy to see that unresolved issues both within you and with your loved ones and coworkers may increase stress levels in your body.  Kyanite may just help to keep you balanced and health in more ways than we can realize. On top of possibly keeping stress levels down, kyanite may help to reduce ill feelings toward life like the feeling of being victimized or the feeling of the inevitability of disaster. Once you are relieved of stress and ill feelings towards life, you may have more time for introspection. Deeper and more honest introspection is considered to be one of the more virtuous attributes of this precious stone. Surely it is getting easier and easier to see just how important of a stone kyanite can be. From the possibility of conflict resolution, to a better outlook on life, and then the freeing of your mind and bolstering of your mental capacity for introspection, kyanite might have a very serious beneficial effect on your life.

Chakra: All esp 3rd Eye & Heart

Zodiac: Taurus, Libra & Aries 

Element: Air